Why Do We Do Teen Church?

A few years ago Bethel Chapel felt the need to have a Sunday morning service directed at the unchurched teens, many of which rode the bus to church.  We had experienced a major drop off of these teens when they no longer went to Children's Church and were expected to come into the sanctuary for service.  They were losing interest, didn't understand what was taking place, and eventually left Bethel.  Teen Church was intended to continue to reach these youth with the gospel and present it in an environment where they would feel free to worship.

Why Does Teen Church Work?

1.       Teen Church makes church relevant to the unchurched teenager.  Many of our teenagers are not raised in church and do not understand the methods of worship that we find to be common place. In Teen Church we can help them to understand what takes place in a church service.

2.       Teens do not take a secondary role to the adults.  Many of the young adults that ride to church on the bus feel intimidated by those that have been in the church for years and feel very uncomfortable to worship. In Teen Church they are able to worship without any inhibitions.

3.       Teen Church teaches lessons are directed to what the teenager is dealing with at that point of their life. The challenges that these young people face are unique to this generation.  Teen Church endeavors to address the current needs of these young people.

4.       Teen Church creates unity and support among the teens. Many have no support to live for the Lord in their home or in their school.  At Teen Church they find other young people that can give them strength.

5.       Teen Church gives our teenagers a mentor.  We are blessed with wonderful leaders in our Teen Church. They genuinely care about the souls of these young people.

Keep up the good work Teen Church we are seeing the fruit of your labor.

David Brimm

Pastor of Bethel Chapel Pentecostal Church in Granite City, IL.