From Press To Praise

Promises, Promises


"Jg 6:12 And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him, and said unto him, The LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.  Jg 6:13 And Gideon said unto him, Oh my Lord, if the LORD be with us, why then is all this befallen us? and where be all his miracles which our fathers told us of, saying, Did not the LORD bring us up from Egypt? but now the LORD hath forsaken us, and delivered us into the hands of the Midianites."

Gideon has been under alot of pressure lately.  His enemy has been stealing everything that he owned and he has been driven into the press.  Like Gideon, when we are under pressure, we begin to question the promises of God.  Gideon asked the angel, Why?  Have you ever asked God Why?  When we are under pressure nothing seems to make sense.  We do not understand why certain things have happened to us.

The first promise Gideon questioned was, "...if the Lord be with us,..."  Where?  When you are under pressure you begin to question, God where are you?  He said i will never leave you or forsake you. Don't crack under pressure, God is still there.

The second promise that Gideon questioned was God's willingness to perfrom miracles.  "...where be all his miracles..."  God has not changed and He will move on your behalf.  God is going to show up in your pressure filled life and deliver you.

David Brimm

Pastor of Bethel Chapel Pentecostal Church in Granite City, IL.