5 Thoughts On Revival


As we enter into a time of revival I want to share a few thoughts on what I think revival brings.  

1.  Revival Reveals Sin

A product of revival is the Holy Spirit revealing sin in the hearts of people.  Sinners feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit as the y repent and give their selves to God.  Christians humble themselves before God and repent of coldness and sin in their lives.

2.  Revival Refreshes the Saints

A atmosphere of worship that stirs the heart of the church to higher heights. 

3. Revival Refills Us with the Spirit

Revival will bring an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church as the saints are filled once again.

4.  Revival Brings Real Sanctification

Revival is a time for the Spirit to lead us into a deeper more dedicated life in the Lord than what we have previously experienced.

5.  Revival Brings Renewal for Service

Every move of God should be accompanied with a desire to reach the Lost. 

Bethel Chapel let us enjoy revival!

David Brimm

Pastor of Bethel Chapel Pentecostal Church in Granite City, IL.