Making A Difference

I hear people say that they want to make a difference.  And I guess there is something inside of everyone of us that longs to do just that.  However, I find that no matter how strong a desire that we may have to make a difference, we are so easily sidetracked.  A few thoughts I would like to share on making a difference.

"And some having compassion making a difference."  Jude 22

1. Compassion

It takes compassion to make a difference.  A heart that is broken at what sin is doing the life of the sinner.

2.  Compel

To make a difference one has to be compelled to break out of their lethargy and do something that changes the outcome.  A strong enough compulsion that makes us forget self and focus on others.

3.  Complacency

It is so easy to get complacent; losing sight of what is actually your purpose.

4.  Capability

Everyone of us have the ability to make a difference in one life or another. 

5.  Compensation

There is a great reward for those that make a difference.  There is a reward in seeing the wonderful change that you can bring into someones life, but an even greater reward awaits in our future.

David Brimm

Pastor of Bethel Chapel Pentecostal Church in Granite City, IL.