What's So Exciting About Childrens Church

What's So Exciting About Childrens Church

On Sunday evening we heard the testimonies of each of the Childrens Church staff.  It was great to hear of their burden for the children that they lead and to sense their excitment.  A Childrens Church that "has it going on", is crucial to the success of the bus ministry.  Having a Childrens Ministry that is entertaining and at the same time ministering is what keeps the children coming back Sunday after Sunday.

What Makes A Childrens Ministry Work:

1.  Love the Kids - Yes, the kids know if you enjoy doing what you are doing or if you are just there to have some place to go. 

2.  No Screaming - Many of the childen in our ministry are screamed at constantly, if you want them to hear you change the tone. 

3.  Control the Music - Music is one of the most important tools of the ministry.  With the proper control of the music you can get them loud and you can also bring them into a more somber attmosphere.

4.  Have a Program - Have a goal for each service that you are working towards.  Your worship, games, verses, and word, should all be leading the children to that goal.

5.  Give an Invitation - If we do not give children a chance to accept the Lord Jesus the program is a failure no matter how many children you may have present.  Always, always, always, give them a chance to pray.

I appreciate all of our Childrens Workers, they are genuinely interested in the lives of those they pastor.

David Brimm

Pastor of Bethel Chapel Pentecostal Church in Granite City, IL.