Do We Really Need Sunday School?


Why Should We Have Sunday School?

Sunday School gives opportunity to study the scripture based on the age and understanding of each individual. 

Sunday School allows us to share in a small group setting with people who are in the same stages of life as ourselves. 

Sunday School gives multiple saints of God an avenue to serve the Lord. Developing skills in a smaller setting that may be used in future ministry. 

Sunday School creates a place where saints can invite visitors who may not be comfortable in a larger church service. 

Sunday School sets the stage for the worship service. A dynamic Sunday School class will always benefit the worship service. 

Sunday School teachers have an opportunity to make a major impact in young lives. Consider this...

- Sunday School Teacher Edward Kimball reaches a young man named Dwight Moody. 

- Dwight Moody in turn influenced a man named Frederic Meyer to become an evangelist. 

- Frederic Meyer led a young preacher named J Wilbur Chapman to respond to the call of God in his life. 

- J. Wilbur Chapman influenced a young man by the name of Billy Sunday, who eventually took over his ministry. 

- Inspired by a 1924 Billy Sunday crusade in Charlotte, North Carolina, a group of Christians there dedicated themselves to reaching that city for Christ.

- This group of Christians had Mordecai Ham preach a revival in their city. A young man by the name of Billy Graham gave his life to Christ. 

Who knows what life might be touched in your Sunday School class. 

David Brimm

Pastor of Bethel Chapel Pentecostal Church in Granite City, IL.